Hal teaches healthcare students real scenarios of medicine

By Falls Church Academy
Fall Features
November 15, 2018

Falls Church Academy is one of three Academy's in Fairfax County to receive a Hal S3201 Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator.  Hal, as he is known by those who learn from him, works as a simulator of airway, breathing, circulation, drug recognition and vital signs scenarios, just like a real patient.  He is able to provide immediate simulated feedback through instructor or automatically programmed modes and is able to communicate with his caregivers via vocal responses that are instructor provided or pre-programmed responses, in addition he can respond in multiple languages.

Practical Nursing and Patient Care Technician Instructor Jackie Portnoy said "Hal is much more than an expensive piece of equipment.  Students who are studying to be healthcare workers must possess advanced critical thinking skills also referred to as clinical reasoning.  Hal enables students to practice those skills in safe simulated care scenarios.  Student engagement is at its peak when students are able to practice advanced skills in a safe environment."

Academy students in Medical Assistant, Exploring Health Science, Patient Care Technician and Emergency Medical Technology will have the opportunity to work with Hal throughout the year as an enhancement to the classroom instruction.

Hal was made available through a combination of funding from the Claude Moore Foundation and Perkins.