Falls Church Academy Virtual Open House Questions and Answers

Answers to all the questions asked at the Open House Event



--Is the EMT class everyday or block day style


--Is the Exploring Language of Medicine class or Medical Assistant required before taking EMT


--how many travel periods would I have to take out to take a falls church academy class



Recommended but not a prerequisite 


Depends on distance of base school coming from, driving or shuttle, your schedule at your base school, etc. Ask your base school counselor.

Is Health Informatics everyday or block day style?

Every other day

--Is the Pharmacy Technician class a two year class?


--Does the Exploring Health Sciences/Exploring the Language of Medicine course count for a sequential elective? And does it meet everyday or every other day? 

It is now a two-year program.



Yes, it is a sequential elective. Meets every day.

Is the Medical Assistant course everyday or every other day?


Does the Medical Assistant course provide any college credits? If so. how many?


The Exploring Health Sciences/Exploring the Language of Medicine course provides how many college and high school credits?


--Is there a Medical Assistant exam certification, and if so when would you take it?



This class does not currently offer dual enrollment. 


Language of Medicine provides 1 DE credit to students who meet the NOVA requirements.


Yes. CCMA.  Students take the exam in May of the academic year

What are the benefits of taking practical nursing? 


Can work right away, or can use it as a side job to work through college. Amazing teachers and internships.  If you decide to go into a college nursing program, this class will be looked at favorably by those programs.  Having learned the material in this class will benefit you as you take these classes in college because you will have already learned this material and the hands on experiences. 

Are you guys going to do just in person, or are there modifications due to COVID?  Obviously we don't know what will be happening next year yet, but curious about this year.

This year (2021) classes will start to be concurrent as of February 16, 2021.

Hopefully everything will be normal in person next academic year.

Can you be in more than one class at a time?


Are all the classes available to freshmen?

Yes as long as there is room in your schedule.


Health Informatics, ASL, Vietnamese are available to freshman

Is there a limit for the number of students per program?

State mandated cap of 20 students in Dental. Otherwise, room availability is a limit but we do our best to place everyone.

Is it competitive to get into a program? What are you looking for, if so?

EMT is somewhat competitive due to its popularity. Our classes are similar to honors courses in that they are open enrollment. We use wait lists.

Is the EMT program a 1 or 2 year program?

1 year

would you have to take intro to nursing to get into practical nursing? or is it a stand alone course?


Are there any summer academies offered this year?


How many blocks does practical nursing take up?

No but it is recommended.


FCPS is going to try to do summer camps for 7-11 graders. https://www.fcps.edu/academics/summer-learning-programs/camps-and-institutes-CTE-summer-academy


4 blocks (whole school day)

Are there certifications for all of these programs/classes ? 


How many blocks does Criminal Justice take up?

Certifications are offered in these classes:  Dental Careers 2, Pharmacy Tech 2, EMT, Medical Assistant, Patient Care Tech, Practical Nursing, Intro to Nursing, Health Informatics


CJ1 is one credit and therefore takes up only one block. CJ2 is two credits and takes up two blocks.

--Would EMT count as a sequential elective?


--what about Fairfax HS for the EMT class?


--Do you have to use a whole period to travel to fchs?


--my counselor is unsure if we need a travel period from Fairfax HS to FCHS for the EMT class. Who would I ask about this?

EMT does count as a sequential elective


FHS students would attend FC Academy for EMT 


Each student will need to discuss it with their counselor


Your base school counselor can talk with Academy Counselor Emarinn Oundee.

How do we make up the classes missed for travel time, especially if the class is in the middle of the day?

  • The counselors make every effort to ensure the student is not missing class to begin with.
  • Counselors may arrange the student's schedule to have lunch while they are traveling back so they don't miss instructional time. 
  • If that is not possible, the student will have travel periods. 
  • The counselor can also place them in an online class during the period they are traveling so they can work at their own pace and not worry about missing class time
  • We also have an NCRA program where the student can enroll in core classes and stay at the academy longer. This may work better for the student's schedule and not interfere with instructional class time.