Academy Overview

Falls Church Academy

In May 2013 Falls Church High School Academy was awarded thegovernors banner
designation as a Governor's Health Science Academy by the Virginia Department of Education.

The goals of the Falls Church Governor’s Health Sciences Academy are to provide expanded options for students’ health science literacy and other critical knowledge, skills, and credentials that will prepare them for high-demand, high wage, and high-skills health sciences careers in Virginia.

Each Academy course offers hands-on skills learning and experiences, industry recognized certifications and licensure, industry contacts with local health and human service partners and leading national organizations to enhance the learning experience.  In addition, some of our courses offer dual enrollment credits with Northern Virginia Community College.  Each of these learning experiences significantly prepare students for immediate entry into the workforce as well as advanced post-secondary study.

Falls Church Academy is part of the 6 High School Academies within Fairfax County Public Schools and is a "school within a school" that offers 9 specialized health and human service courses, a Criminal Justice course and two language courses for motivated high school students. Students enrolled in Academy courses come from approximately 20 different high schools within FCPS. Each Academy course is taught by highly qualified instructors who have worked or are currently working in the field of which they teach. This allows them to bring the most current business, human service and medical practices to their curriculum.

The Academy has a unique opportunity to offer on and off-site courses for our students so the best learning environment can be provided. Our Intro to Nursing, Patient Care Technician and Practical Nursing 1 courses are off-site and offered at The School of Practical Nursing in Fairfax County Public Schools located at the Plum Center for Lifelong Learning.

Fairfax County Public School - High School Academies

High school academies are centers within existing high schools that offer advanced technical and specialized courses that successfully integrate career and academic preparations. Each academy emphasizes instruction in one or more career fields. Advanced technical and specialized elective courses are available at academies located at Chantilly, Edison, Fairfax, Falls Church, Marshall, and West Potomac High Schools for students interested in pursuing careers in International Studies and Business; Engineering and Scientific Technology; Health and Human Services; or Communications and the Arts. Enrollment in the Academy elective course offerings provides juniors and seniors with career and academic preparation for future learning in college and career fields. Students enrolled in the academy elective courses are provided with opportunities to participate in shadowing, mentoring, and/or internships with local businesses.

Course offerings at high school academies are continually evaluated to ensure that such offerings reflect the dynamic career opportunities available, as well as connect academic knowledge with technical applications.

Academies support Student Achievement Goal 1.3: Explore, understand, and value the fine and practical arts. By reasonable interpretation, "the knowledge and skills students develop in fine arts and CTE courses form the basis for 21st-century skills that require cultural literacy, inventive thinking, problem-solving, and creativity." Evidence of support can be found throughout the Academy courses by way of:

  • industry validated course content
  • opportunities to earn credentials and advanced placement credit
  • career exploration and preparation through mentoring, job shadowing, and internship experiences.

Additional information may be found on the FCPS Career and Technical Education web page.