Attendance Procedures & Policies

What Are The Attendance Procedures?

Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to be actively present in every class throughout the academic year.

Falls Church Academy’s attendance policy is similar to your base school’s attendance policy. However, there are some procedures that are unique to the academies. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility for making sure their attendance record is accurate. Work closely with the teacher and attendance office to monitor any discrepancies. Our Policy is:

  • We must hear from a Parent/Guardian for all absences. We will not accept notices from students. The Parent/Guardian must notify BOTH the Academy and the base school when the student is absent. 

If reporting an absence or tardy by phone:                      

  • The Parent/Guardian should call the day of the absence or tardy, if possible, but no later than five school days after the absence. Otherwise, the absence may remain unexcused.
  • To report an absence, call the Academy Attendance Line: (703) 207-4011, available 24/7.

Please leave the following information:

    • Student’s First and Last Name.
    • Student’s school ID number.
    • Date(s) of the absence(s)
    • Specific information for the absence:  such as illness, travel, college trip, etc.
    • Your First and Last name and contact number.

If attending Academy classes and a student misses a shuttle bus:

  • If a student misses a shuttle bus from their base school to the Academy and does not attend the class, it is considered an unexcused absence. Students should report immediately to their base school attendance office, sub-school office, or counselor.  A base school staff member will then contact the Academy office to report the absence to verify the student is safe and accounted for.

Check-Outs when attending Academy classes in person:

  • Early dismissal from Academy, requires a signed and dated note from the parent to the Academy office, stating the reason and time for dismissal, so students can sign out and receive a check-out pass.  

Call (703) 207-4011 with any questions.