Exploring Health Sciences/Exploring the Language of Medicine

Course Instructor

Course Description

General Course Prerequisites:

  • Students MUST register for both Exploring Health Sciences for Fall Semester and Exploring the Language of Medicine for Spring semester
  • Strong attendance

Exploring Health Sciences (Fall Semester):

Course #:  830226 – Grades: 10, 11, 12 – Credits:  One

Exploring the Language of Medicine (Spring Semester):

Course #:  838326 – Grades:  10, 11, 12 – Credits:  One Prerequisite:  Students must have taken Exploring Health Sciences Course # 830226

This is part two (Spring semester) of a two-part, full-year course. Students must also register for part one, Exploring Health Sciences (Fall semester). This course builds on the foundations of the Exploring Health Sciences course. Exploring the Language of Medicine is designed to help students learn medical terminology. It is presented in logical order, beginning with each body system's anatomy and physiology and progressing through pathology, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions, and pharmacology. Concepts, terms, and abbreviations are also presented to the students.

Topics covered by this course are:

  • Characteristics of the Health Care Worker
  • Controlling Infection
  • Health Care Issues
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Health Care Specialties and Educational Requirements for Careers
  • Health Care Systems
  • Health Regulatory Boards
  • Medical Math
  • Safety
  • Vital Signs


  • American Heart Association Bloodborne Pathogens
  • American Heart Association First Aid Certification
  • American Heart Association Health Care Provider BLS CPR w/AED
  • Workplace Readiness Certification