Common Questions

What is an Academy program?

  • Fairfax County Public School High School Academies are schools within a school that offer advanced technical and specialized courses that successfully integrate career and academic preparation.  Students can attend one of the six Academies who offer the specialized program closest to their base school, offer the courses they are most interested in and are ones the student qualifies to attend. For more information on all six FCPS Academies with a list of the courses offered at each click on the FCPS High School CTE webpage

What is Falls Church High School Academy?

  • Falls Church High School Academy is one of six Academies in Fairfax County.  Courses offered here are within the career interest area of Criminal Justice and Human Services, and Health and Medical Sciences.  Students who take FCHS Academy classes come from more than 20 Fairfax County Public High Schools during any one of the three Academy course times.  Our programs offer certifications/licensure opportunities as well as direct hands-on training with highly specialized staff and business partners. In many regards, courses significantly prepare students for immediate entry into the work force as well as advanced post-secondary study.

Falls Church Academy Courses offered are:

Where is Falls Church Academy located?

When do the academy classes meet and how does an Academy class fit into a student’s academic schedule?

  • All Academy classes meet during the regularly scheduled school day for at least 60 minutes. Students attend their base school for the majority of the school day and will come to the Academy during the period in which they are scheduled for that Academy class.  Students taking shuttles from their base schools and/or attending Academy classes at the Plum Center will have a slightly modified schedule.  See FC Academy class schedule for all class time information.

How does a student travel from their base school to classes at Falls Church Academy?

  • Free transportation is provided, and encouraged, by the Fairfax County Public Schools bus system.  However, not all base schools and block periods will have transportation provided.  Therefore, students should check with their school counselor for transportation details.   Academy Students with a valid driver’s license may drive their personal vehicle to the academy and park on school property, with permission from their parents and purchase of an academy parking sticker. 

Is support available for students with language and special needs?

  • Specialized instruction provides a continuum of services to students with language and special needs while they are attending classes at Falls Church Academy.  Academic support is offered by the collaborative efforts of academy teachers, administrators, high school special education and ESOL departments, parents, and Career and Transition Services personnel.

What are some advantages of taking an Academy class?

  • In addition to the industry experienced faculty that teach each of our courses, Academy courses provide caring support from the teachers and staff to help all students be successful, a career experience specialist is available to assist Academy students find meaningful career experience programs and each student has the opportunity to engage in hands-on industry specific learning to guide them toward understanding and mastery of that career's skills and knowledge. Our classes also have speakers and field trips throughout the school year that provide students with direct connection to professionals and business sites related to their Academy class.  Falls Church Academy is proud of our formal business partners and area businesses whom have provided our students with outstanding career guidance and experiences every year.  Eligible academy students have the opportunity to participate in career-related observerships, clinical experiences, ride-a-longs, job shadows and volunteer experiences as it relates to their Academy course.  Many of our courses offer industry certification testing and dual enrollment credits with Northern Virginia Community College. 

Who should enroll in the Academy?

  • Though mainly juniors and seniors attend Falls Church Academy, sophomores may also apply to some programs.  Academy classes are available to students from all FCPS high schools making the course experience additionally rich by having students from multiple schools within each Academy class.

How can a student register for an Academy class?