Dual Enrollment Option

Earn College Credits In High School!

Junior and senior high school students (and exceptional freshmen and sophomores)  taking designated Academy courses are eligible to earn Dual Enrollment college credits through Northern Virginia Community College, while still in high school.  In addition, the FCPS School Board approved an additional weight of 1.0 for all dual enrollment courses.  Dual enrolled courses and the process of acceptance are FREE to the student. A representative of Northern Virginia Community College will present to Academy classes in the Fall and will discuss the process for student Dual Enrollment.  This is a student option and not a requirement.   

Benefits of Dual Enrollment credits:

Dual enrollment can provide students an opportunity to enhance their education by enrolling early in college courses. This allows students to progress toward their next academic goal without having to wait until high school graduation.

  • Allows students to receive high school and college credit simultaneously.
  • Can eliminate the duplication of courses taken in high school and in college.
  • Permits students to accumulate credits prior to entering college so are able to graduate from college early or on time.
  • Facilitates a seamless transition from high school to college. Students can experience how high school classes compare to college courses and how college professors differ from high school teachers.
  • Engages students by enhancing student learning throughout the senior year of high school.
  • Can lower the cost of a post-secondary education.

Students are encouraged to contact any four year institution they hope to transfer into after NVCC to make sure the dual enrollment credits earned will transfer and if they transfer as elective credit or toward their major.

Academy courses eligible for Dual Enrollment credit are:

High School Course

NOVA Course

NOVA Course Title


Criminal Justice ADJ 110 Intro to Law Enforcement


EMT/Human Anatomy and Physiology

EMS 111

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic



EMS 120

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Clinical


Exploring the Language of Medicine

HIM 111

Medical Terminology