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What's the Right College For You And How To Get There?

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How to Pay for College?

Warning signs for scholarship scams:

  • Don't apply if there is a request for scholarship "fees"
  • There is never any "Guaranteed" money so don't be scammed by this ploy.

FCPS Scholarship Information

  • FCPS has an online scholarship database through Family Connections/Naviance. Remember that some scholarships are time sensitive and must be submitted ON TIME! Better to apply early than late.

Financial Aid for College for Military Dependents

For dependents of disabled veterans or service members, there are state and federal programs. 

Websites Offering Financial Aid Information and Career Pathways

* The web-links below are intended to provide information for the college funding process as well as career pathways.  The websites and their information is in no way supported by Falls Church Academy or Fairfax County Public Schools.  As will all information providing financial advice or support, please read carefully all the details involved and make the best choice for your financial situation.

Don’t limit yourself to what is listed above as there are countless organizations that have scholarships available for people just like you! Just remember - never pay for scholarship searches.