Dental Careers Level 1 & 2

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Course Instructor

Course Description

The two year Dental Careers Program introduces students to careers in the dental health field.  The program’s academic content includes general health occupations topics as well as general overview of specific dental topics.  In addition, level two students learn clinical skills necessary to perform as a dental assistant.  The skills are practiced in a simulated office setting using state-of-the-art dental equipment. 

General Course Prerequisites:

  • Course approved lab coats or scrubs must be purchased
  • Students must have current immunizations, TB test, and purchase liability insurance
  • FEES:  Each course requires a student materials fee as listed in FCPS Notice 5922
  • Strong Attendance

Dental Careers 1:

Course # 832827 – Grades:  11, 12 – Credits:  Two

Dental Careers 1 is the first-level course of a two-year dental assisting program. The course content focuses on introducing all dental-related careers as well as competencies necessary to manage a dental office. The curriculum includes head and neck anatomy, infection control, tooth charting, and instrumentation. The dental skills relevant to the curriculum are practiced in a classroom dental clinic. Lab coats or scrubs must be purchased for this class.

Dental Careers 2:

Course # 832927 – Grades:  12 – Credits:  Two | Prerequisite:  Dental Careers 1 Course # 832827

During the second year of this course, students refine advanced skills and learn more about the management of the office as well as the dental specialties of oral surgery, orthodontics, and periodontics. Students are provided the opportunity to experience an internship, if eligible,  while participating in patient care at local dental offices and to earn a Dental Radiography Certification. Lab coats or scrubs must be purchased for this class. Students must purchase liability insurance and meet current dental health agency requirements to participate in clinical experiences. For more information, visit the academy website.

Second year students have the opportunity to receive a DANB (Dental Assistant Nutritional Board) Radiology Health and Safety Certification and may participate in a dental assistant internship with contingency to hire.


  • dental radiology
  • head and neck anatomy
  • infection control
  • instrumentation
  • oral health education
  • tooth numbering and charting
  • front desk procedures and dental office software


  • American Heart Association Health Care Provider BLS CPR w/AED
  • Dental Radiology Certification (DANB) - for Dental 2 students

Career Experiences

Beyond classroom instruction, students become members of the professional organization Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA).

Students are also given opportunities to participate in community health events to gain experience and earn volunteer hours.   Each year a variety of health fairs are conducted with the local head start program, elementary and middle school students and special education young adult program.  

Dental Careers 1 & 2