Academy students to return school issued books and supplies

Spring Features
May 26, 2020

Important announcement to Falls Church Academy Students:

Falls Church Academy staff will collect any additional school-issued items here (textbooks, calculators, library books, novels issued through English classes, cameras, etc.) on June 8th from 8:00am to 4:00pm at Door 4 – the Academy Door from the side parking lot.

Students should check with their teachers on what items have been issued to them this year. 

  • All items must be in one plastic/paper bag.
  • The bag must be labelled with student name and ID#.
  • School staff will retrieve the bag from the back seat or trunk/hatchback of each car.  Please remain in your car at all times.

Important Safety Protocols

  • Post a sign in the front window of your car with student name and ID#. The sign must be visible to school staff when you pull up.
  • Wiping down items before returning them is appreciated.
  • If you are not feeling well, please do not report to school, but contact your teachers for alternate drop-off options.
  • School staff will be wearing masks and gloves during pick-up/drop-off times.  We ask that anyone who is dropping off or picking up items please do the same. 
  • Please remain in your car at all times. 

To limit contact, school staff will access the back seat or trunk/hatchback to retrieve and deliver items.  Please do not hand items out the vehicle window.