100 students visit Inova Fairfax Hospital for Dream B!G Program

Winter Features
January 03, 2024

On Wednesday, December 13, 100 students from the Falls Church Academy Exploring Health Science and Medical Assisting classes had the great opportunity to attend Inova Fairfax Hospital for a day long medical mentoring experience that will not soon be forgotten. In the course of this event, students worked with orthopedic surgeons to learn how back surgery's are done, respiratory specialists showed students how to put in a tracheostomy tube, students learned VR and AI simulations used in medical training in the Inova Healthcare System, students learned arterial sticks using a phlebotomy/arterial arm, they learned how to take blood pressures and hear heart and lung sounds from UVA Medical students and so many more hands on experiences.  In addition to the hands on learning, students had the opportunity to eat lunch and converse with medical professionals who gave great advice to the students at their table and shared their career and life pathways. 

The Inova Dream B!G program is the creation of Dr. Cleve Francis, a cardiologist practicing for Inova cardiology in Mount Vernon.  His commitment and his vision for this program is to "provide a health equity-based workforce development initiative, committed to increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the healthcare workforce." 

Many thanks to Dr. Tiffany Latham, DNP, ANP-BC, Chair of Inova APP Professional Development at Inova Schar Heart and Vascular Institute and Mr. Deron Campbell, Director, Community Health Programs for their great work coordinating this event.

In addition, thanks go to Educate Fairfax for providing Falls Church Academy with grant funding to pay for bus transportation to take all our excited students to and from this amazing event.