Important Academy Forms

All forms must be completed and signed by the student and parent/guardian and returned to Ms. Fields in the Academy Office at the beginning of each academic year or when a student enters the Academy.  All parking forms much be completed and submitted prior to students parking on school grounds. Please email questions to Ms. Fields at

Parking and Transportation Forms

For students from base schools other than Falls Church High School - Parking fees are waived for the FY2021 but student drivers are still required to register their vehicles with Falls Church Academy.

Visitor Form

  • Visitors Pass - See your base school counselor for a visitor pass to visit the Academy during class hours for purposes of checking out the classes you are interested in.

Health Forms

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

  • Pre-Arranged Absence Form - Pre-arranged absence forms are required to be completed by the parent/guardian and signed by the Administrator at the base school prior to submitting them to Ms. Fields in the Academy Attendance Office and prior to the absence.  Please keep in mind, not all requests are granted by their base school.